Voice dubs.
 Apparently, I am the best Natsuki and Nao English voice dubs anyone has ever heard. Bow to me.



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 I really miss you, you dork :P

In other news, I have become Kruger-papa to everyone and even have my darling little girl, Ribbon-chan, who I love and cuddle whenever.

Do you?

What the...?
 Suddenly, it feels like I'm going through a rough break up and just need to lay in bed all day. No idea where that feeling came from. Haven't broken up with anyone :P

Meh, just feeling a tad miserable and insufferable and I think I'm starting to bore myself. Out.

Might as well.
Since I feel like writing every second of my day, and am not satisfied with finishing things, I guess I'll write something here as well.

It's getting colder, and my room remains the freezing point of my house. Everything hurts as soon as I wake up, even if I wear a hoody and am cocooned in my comforter.

Everyday is pretty much the same. I get up, have to clean the house and babysit the damned dogs, and wait forever until I can stop feeling rage build up. 

I hate being alone in the house, even with these stupid dogs. I wish my friends could drive and kidnap me and take me places. Then again, what friends? Haha, kidding :P

Well, this isn't as exciting as the stuff I want to write, but none of it is about my life, so meh. Out.

 I so cannot wait to get home. I miss my room, my dogs...and my parents, I guess xD

I also hate having to be my sisters crutch whenever she breaks up with someone. How the hell did she expect me to help her at all?


 I'm new to this so I'm probably going to destroy it later with many pictures and writing.


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