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Might as well.
Since I feel like writing every second of my day, and am not satisfied with finishing things, I guess I'll write something here as well.

It's getting colder, and my room remains the freezing point of my house. Everything hurts as soon as I wake up, even if I wear a hoody and am cocooned in my comforter.

Everyday is pretty much the same. I get up, have to clean the house and babysit the damned dogs, and wait forever until I can stop feeling rage build up. 

I hate being alone in the house, even with these stupid dogs. I wish my friends could drive and kidnap me and take me places. Then again, what friends? Haha, kidding :P

Well, this isn't as exciting as the stuff I want to write, but none of it is about my life, so meh. Out.


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